Random Memories

Welcome to GreHack 2017 challenge. This challenge is composed of several steps. You need to validate step { n } to access step { n + 1 }.

You can see the progression of pwners in the scoreboard. The first three to complete the challenge will be offered a ticket for GreHack 2017 and a sweet sweat (sic) - Edition GreHack 2017, and one of them will present (a part of) his solution during the conference. The first pwner to complete the challenge will have a Benefactor ticket, which includes dinner with speakers the day before (November 16th). You can play in teams but only one person will receive the prize.

For any question, you can contact us on twitter at @GrehackConf (#RandomMemories), by mail at challenge@grehack.fr or on irc at securimag.org, channel #RandomMemories.